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My Services

Providing but not limited to

Hoop Dance Performance and Demonstration

Story Telling through Dance, Song and Language

Group Interaction and Group Dance Lessons

Teachings of Dance, Beading, Sewing, Language, Art, and More


Touring Artist


Starr Chief Eagle will provide an interactive and educational dive into Lakota Culture that will explore the language, art, and knowledge of the Lakota people.  During her presentation she will perform the rare tradition of Hoop Dancing in which she uses 22 hoops to create several designs, shapes, and creatures to tell a story.  Audience members may be invited to participate in hands-on activities with the hoops.

Cultural Presentation/Performance ranges from 20 minutes to 2 hours

Artist in Schools & Communities
Teaching Arts


Artists In Schools & Communities (AISC) is a residency program for K-12 schools and community organizations. Artists In Schools & Communities residencies can range in length from one day to several weeks. A project can be designed to fit all elementary through secondary school needs regardless of size, locale, or existing arts curriculum. Residencies can also be designed for the community at large. By working with teachers, parents and the community, Starr Chief Eagle will create a residency that can inspire participants to learn more, not just about art, but life itself. Starr will share her talents with students of all ages in workshops, demonstrations, seminars, and residencies both in and outside the classroom.


Even though a residency may last only a short time, participation in AISC can have lasting results. Starr can help teachers further develop arts curriculum and creative teaching of the arts and assist communities in the development of life-long learning experiences for people of all ages. The entire school system and community benefit by strengthening their joint commitment to the arts as basic to education.


Available Projects & Workshops

Hoop Dance Workshop- walk through of several hoop dance designs, learn a hoop dance routine to perform.


Hoop Making- make a hoop from scratch and decorate with tape to take home.


Necklace Making- learn about traditional and contemporary materials, make necklace inspired by both.


Paper Star quilt- learn about significance of star quilt, can color their own star quilt on paper.


Beaded Loop Earrings- work with a needle, thread, and seed beads to create a pair of beaded earrings to keep.


Powwow Dances- learn the origin and meaning of several Powwow dance style and about Powwow etiquette, worksheet to take home.


Questionnaire- take your best guess to questions about Native American culture and history, we will go over answers together.


SD Reservations with Map project- fill in the 9 reservations in SD and learn about what they are and where they come from.


Wellness Wheel Project- learn about the medicine wheel and its meaning, create a medicine wheel, and learn about the importance of mind, body, heart, spiritual heath.

South Dakota Arts Council may cover up to


for eligible sponsors

Funding Opportunities in South Dakota
South Dakota Arts Council


Starr Chief Eagle is on both the Touring Artists and Artists in Schools & Communities rosters through the South Dakota Arts Council.  South Dakota Arts Council Artists are professionals, selected by panels of in-state and out-of-state experts who evaluate the quality of the artists’ work. An Arts-In-Education Panel reviews the background experience that qualifies each artist to work in an education setting. Finally, the artists are approved by the SDAC.


Nonprofit organizations registered and located in South Dakota that are federally tax-exempt under the IRS Section 501(c)(3). Eligibility also extends to units of government (city, county, state, tribal, federal), public schools, or nonprofit educational institutions. Churches and worship centers may be eligible to participate if funds are not used to support activities that occur during a faith-based or religious service.

South Dakota Arts Council support is provided with funds from the State of South Dakota, through the Department of Tourism, and the National Endowment for the Arts.



Touring Artist Funding

Contact Starr Chief Eagle for funding.  Funding is limited and available for presentations/performances in South Dakota only.  Must schedule a month in advance to be eligible for funding.


Artist in Schools & Communities
Teaching Arts

Funding is applied for through the South Dakota Arts Council.  There is a deadline in March for all residencies taking place for fiscal year starting July 1st until the following year.

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